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Our Top 6 Picks: Best Casual Men’s Shoes

October 14, 2020

Let’s face it: Our reason for dressing up this year is nil. Still, we can look good and feel comfortable as we tap away in our home office or take the doggo for a mid-afternoon walk. To help keep you sharp, we’ve assembled our picks for the best casual men’s shoes – a smattering of weekender-style footwear that hits all the right design notes without being fussy (and always being comfortable). Try some of these on for size:

Best Casual Men’s Shoe #1: Leather Sneaker

Introducing the sneaker – with style. (Source: Shutterstock / Araya Singkhawehon)

Introducing the sneaker – with style. (Source: Shutterstock / Araya Singkhawehon)

If you’re an ’80s kid, you know the sneaker well. But the style has morphed over the past few decades, landing on something that blends the give of a rich leather Oxford with the comfort and agility of a classic sports sneaker. And really, there’s no better casual men’s shoe for those 9-to-5s at home – you can feel dressed for the part during important meetings (even if they can’t see your stylish treads) and comfortable popping out for a quick trip to the store or a midday walk. Active and classy – that’s the hallmark of the leather sneaker.

Best Casual Men’s Shoe #2: Wool Lace-Ups

In recent years, wool shoes have become vogue. So much so, in fact, that shoemakers are scrambling to replicate classic styles using wool or wool alternatives (such as eucalyptus) as the primary above-sole material. And there’s good reason for the craze; wool is pliable, molds to your feet, is soft to the touch, and durable enough to handle the dry dirt of the outdoors. Get a pair with a solid sole if you plan to do some walking, though word to the wise: These aren’t your best choice for rainy climes as they aren’t very waterproof.

Kenneth Cole Fall Evergreen

Best Casual Men’s Shoe #3: Active Slip-Ons

Most sports-centric footwear is lace-up. That makes sense if you’re firing back and forth on a court or running down a field at a fevered clip. But when you want to be active without being sportsy, the lace-up isn’t as necessary. Enter the active slip-on – the perfect solution for quick treks out and about or even longer adventures that require a healthy dose of walking. We love slip-on anything, to be honest, and wonder why it took the shoe biz so long to get these on the shelves. I mean, who wants to spend all that energy lacing up just for quick jots away from home?

Best Casual Men’s Shoe #4: Loungey Loafers

We love ourselves a nice pair of loafers, both elegant and comfortable. (Source: Shutterstock / Claudia K)

We love ourselves a nice pair of loafers, both elegant and comfortable. (Source: Shutterstock / Claudia K)

Want to go classic Northeast? Slip into some loafers – perfect for dawdling at home and equally as good for a walk down to the beach. Make sure you get a good fit, though, and give the materials (usually leather) a chance to soften. Once you do, you’ll be happy to slide in barefoot and head out on the day’s adventures. (Pro tip: These aren’t generally great hiking or long-walk shoes; if you plan to use them for these kinds of adventures, be sure to add in a more comfortable sole.)

Best Casual Men’s Shoe #5: Sleek Boaters

The slightly more casual younger brother to the loafer, boaters usually don’t have the exterior elegance that loafers do – and materials tend to be more focused on comfort and durability than style. At the same time, these easy slip-ons are great all-around shoes, making great house slippers, grocery trek footwear, and night-out fixtures. Just please don’t get them in white.

Best Casual Men’s Shoe #6: Casual Boot

Men's boots you can wear indoors or outdoors (Source; Shutterstock / naito29)

Men’s boots you can wear indoors or outdoors (Source: Shutterstock / naito29)

No longer proprietary to rugged outdoorsman and wilderness trekkers, the boot has entered into mainstream fashion. We love a healthy mix of style and durability for our comfortable boots, preferably padded on the inside with thick soles should the day require some ambling. In-home boots are also all the rage; most have plush interiors and monotone leather exteriors, though some sport serious exterior character – you’ll find quite a few with animal designs.

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