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If You Build It, They Will Save – The Inspiration Behind Grand Giraffe

December 8, 2020
Deal sites should be easy to use. You see how happy people are? (Source: iStock / Merfin)

Deal sites should be easy to use. You see how happy people are? (Source: iStock / Merfin)

Quick note: This post contains mentions of third-party brands whose offers are available on Grand Giraffe. We may receive a commission for purchases made from these brands. Just want to be upfront about that.


Last Christmas, I spent 12 hours on deal sites. Yep, I counted.

That’s as long as it takes to watch about five Hallmark holiday movies, complete 12 hour-long workouts (like that ever happens), or cook roughly 15 dinners from scratch. All of these are arguably better for you than discount code hunting.

So why did I bother? I was determined to make the gift-giving season a win-win – get gifts people actually like while saving as much money as possible.

I wasn’t the only one with this lofty goal, either. My friends were all on board, as were coworkers, family members, Facebook followers, Oprah. They all seemed to share my motivation – and many agreed to join in on the madness (except Oprah).

Most, however, gave up in a hurry. A few clicks, a few failed codes, and they went straight to Amazon. I got whiny text messages and social posts about expired discounts and broken links. Some – like my grandma — even got hopelessly lost on deal sites.

What I imagine my friend Anthony looking like moments before pulling his hair out (Source: Shutterstock / ivansnap)

What I imagine my friend Anthony looking like moments before pulling his hair out (Source: Shutterstock / ivansnap)

I can’t blame them for giving up, though. Who has the energy to hunt down deals when almost every one gives you no real savings ($5 off $150 jeans??), doesn’t work, or is lost in a dizzyingly busy website with cheesy, coupon-styled graphics more annoying than political ads?

I confess that even I, stymied by this infuriating nonsense, didn’t last much longer than my friends. A few days in and I, too, resigned myself to Amazon.

But here’s the good news, my disheartened friends: It gets better.

This past summer, I had the privilege of helping to construct a deal site that puts the others to shame.

No, really.

You see, it turns out the company I work for had the same idea: Build a better deal site from scratch. No busy, overly-wrought graphics. No muck of worthless deals, muddying the money-saving waters. No expired codes or broken links. Just an elegant, simple, well-stocked offers site with carefully curated brands that gives you the kind of deals you actually want. We called it – well, you know. Grand Giraffe.

Go ahead, laugh at the name. But you’ll remember it, right? Plus, who doesn’t love giraffes? And more importantly, who doesn’t want to tower above their peers like that lovable, long-necked lug?

Hit the homepage and you get featured offers of real value. Plus, you can sift through categories you fancy or just find the big-name brands you’re after. You’re even likely to stumble across brands you haven’t heard of before. That’s how I found my new go-to for video game deals. (And knitting supplies, but that’s on the DL.)

While we’ve only been live for about six months, we’ve already managed to get some insanely big brands on the site. Macy’s, Kohl’s, Disney, LL. Bean, Splash Wine, The Container Store – you get the idea. All told, we have over 600!


And as far as navigation goes, well, even my grandma could find her way around: Check a few boxes, enter your email, and voilà, all that still-active savings is in your inbox. Find it whenever and wherever you access your email. Easy-peasy.

We also had quite a bit of fun putting all of this together. Heck, we even curated content about giraffes that we find adorable, funny, and … well, mostly adorable. News articles, pictures, videos, stories of people having tea with giraffes – you know, the usual stuff.

Oh – and here’s something I’m especially proud of. In my dozen hours of deal hunting last Christmas, I had a stark realization. We spend an awful lot of time buying things, don’t we? And while I’m all for improving the online shopping experience, there’s more to our world than things.

So, we brainstormed possible charities to help out with some of our profits and landed, unanimously, on conservation. We enthusiastically agreed to donate a portion of our earnings to conservation organizations that protect everything from giraffes (of course) to neglected pets, delicate habitats, and endangered wildlife. Every time someone uses one of our offers, the world benefits. Win-win-WIN.

The long and the short? No more epic deal hunting for Christmas gifts. With more than 600 brands and close to 1,000 offers (and counting!), we’re pretty sure you’ll find exactly what you want at Grand Giraffe. Or discover what you never knew you needed but absolutely have to get right now because if it’s gone tomorrow and you missed out on the greatest product of 2020 you’ll never forgive yourself. Happens to me all the time.

So instead of deal hunting this holiday, grab your savings from Grand Giraffe – and make time for important things, like baking marathons and decking the halls. Yes, even learning knitting hacks from grandma over Zoom.

— Will T., Proud Grand Giraffe team member