Giraffe Videos

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There’s a lot to read about giraffes, but if you want a true sense of how a giraffe lives and interacts with its community, you have to see it in action. That’s why we’ve curated the following videos of giraffes, both in the wild and in captivity; they provide incredible perspective on this king of the African savannah.

Giraffes 101

National Geographic Wild

Did you know that male giraffes can grow up to 18 feet tall? Or that giraffe hearts are about 2 feet tall? Learn more in this Giraffe 101 video from Nat Geo Wild:

Source: YouTube / Nat Geo Wild
Growing Up Giraffe

Animal Planet

Curious about what transitioning from giraffe adolescent to full-fledged adult is like? Here’s a sneak peek from Animal Planet:

Source: YouTube / Animal Planet
What Do Giraffes Eat?


This educational treat from FreeSchool not only teaches kids about the giraffe’s diet, but about its height, habitat, and more. Here’s a peek:

Source: YouTube / FreeSchool
Giraffes in Africa

National Geographic

On the Serengeti in Tanzania, the giraffe engages its environment very differently than giraffes in a zoo. It is more reliant upon instinct, keen on food sourcing, and forever focused on protection of its young. Watch this mesmerizing creature in action, courtesy of National Geographic:

Source: National Geographic
Breakfast Time at Giraffe Manor


Ever wonder what it would be like to eat breakfast with a giraffe? Follow photographer Robin Moore on a visit to Kenya’s very special Giraffe Manor to find out:

Source: YouTube / Seeker
Giraffe Extinction?

The Atlantic

Turning to the question of giraffe conservation, The Atlantic takes a minute in this video to consider the devastating question: What would the world be like without giraffes?

Source: YouTube / The Atlantic