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Given their innate charm, giraffes have made their way into countless books, movies, TV shows, businesses, and cultural hotspots. As a matter of fact, some of our favorite characters of all time are giraffes. As an homage to these lovable lugs, we give you our list of notable giraffes in print, on screen, and just about everywhere else:


Mischievous Melman


Remember Melman? Of course you do. The neurotic, slightly annoying, but always loveable giraffe in the animated hit “Madagascar” has made millions double over with belly laughs. Voiced by David Schwimmer in the original film and Zachary Gordon in the sequel, Melman is the character to whom we can all relate; part hypochondriac, part agoraphobe who never seems to stop talking, Melman is endearing in his bumbling awkwardness. Who would know better than his hippo girlfriend Gloria – who only sees the best in the reticulated rascal?

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Melman and his friends take on the unpredictable wild, do yourself a favor and watch “Madagascar”; it’s a hoot.

Melman from

Melman from "Madagascar" (Source: Shutterstock / Danny Ye)

Healthy Harold

Life Education Australia

Giraffes aren’t just lovable hams on camera; they’re also keen on education. Healthy Harold, for instance, is Life Education Australia’s endearing mascot, visiting schools down under and telling kids to make safe, healthy, smart life choices. What’s more, he’s tech-savvy (what hip giraffe isn’t?), is an avowed sports nut, and has a soft spot for the arts. This delightfully quirky advocate for education has been visiting kids since 1979 – which would make Harold over 40. Fortunately, however, he ages well. Find out what Healthy Harold is up to these days at the Life Education Facebook Page.

Sophie the Giraffe


Since 1961, this simple – but cute – little teething toy for infants has been a fixture in young family households in France. It’s also made its way into the U.S. market; in fact, it was featured in the 1987 hit movie “Three Men and a Baby” and has been a best-selling item online. It’s been particularly popular of late given its eco-friendly materials (100% natural rubber) and ever-growing herd of animal friends, including Fanfan the Fawn. Have a little one? Get your own Sophie – and perhaps a few extra critters while you’re at it.


Source: Target

Geoffrey the Giraffe


Before the paradise of children’s toys (otherwise known as Toys”R”Us) filed for bankruptcy in 2017, it served as a beloved institution of fun for countless young boys and girls. The face of that fun was none other than Geoffrey the Giraffe. He wasn’t always known by his full name, however; when he first emerged in public media in the 1950s (for Toys”R”Us predecessor Children’s Bargaintown), he was Dr. G. Raffe. That didn’t last long, though, and he soon became known as Geoffrey – the uniquely star-spotted muckraker that always had a way of making us laugh. And buy more toys.

Geoffrey the Giraffe (Shutterstock / kaykhoon)

Geoffrey the Giraffe (Source: Shutterstock / kaykhoon)

The Last Giraffe


Rangers know that giraffe poaching has been a problem for decades – and that’s what this late ’70s film seeks to reveal. After seeing a baby giraffe’s mother poached in Kenya, wildlife photographer Betty Leslie-Melville and her husband set out to save the orphaned kid. Touching and ahead of its time, this film is an emotional look at the dangers giraffes face in the wild. Learn more about the film at IMDB.

The Last Giraffe (IMDB)

Source: IMDB

Do you have a favorite giraffe? Let us know their name, story, and why they’re important to you and we’ll add it to the list. Just send us a message.