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From heart-warming tales of conservation effort successes to sightings in unexpected places, our roundup of giraffe-related news gives you everything you need to stay informed about the world’s most gentle giant.


January 5, 2021

Giraffes Left on Flooding Island Finally Rescued

In the middle of Lake Baringo in Western Kenya, seven giraffes have been stranded, facing rising waters and the possibility of drowning. Fortunately, however, these desperate critters were uncovered by a team of rescuers — and not a moment too soon. Read the whole heartwarming story on CNN’s website.

Giraffes wait to be rescued in Kenya (Source: Shutterstock / Levi Notik)

Source: Shutterstock / Levi Notik

December 1, 2020

World’s Only White Giraffe Now Has a GPS Tracker

Sad to say, white giraffes in Africa — a very rare breed — have been the target of poachers in recent years. In fact, there’s only one known white giraffe left. To help protect the little guy, Kenya Wildlife Service and Dallas-based Save Giraffes Now fitted the reticulated “unicorn” with GPS to track his movement. Find out how this is keeping the world’s only white giraffe safe at

A rare white giraffe (Source: Shutterstock / paula french)

Source: Shutterstock / paula french

November 6, 2020

Giraffe Crane Makes a Lengthy Appearance on the Upper West Side

A giraffe on the streets of New York? Who would’ve thought? Sure enough, it seems the city’s construction trade has been getting a helping hand (or neck) from a very tall giraffe, indeed. For more on how this giraffe is “craning” its neck across town, head to

Source: Patch

October 20, 2020

Stop the Illegal Wildlife Trade: Celebrities Join Campaign to Save Giraffes from “Silent Extinction”

Have you heard of the #StandTallForGiraffes campaign? At least 4.2 million people on Instagram have! Launched by charity Kids Against Animal Poaching, the campaign seeks to ban the import of giraffe parts to America. And just recently, the already viral initiative has gotten an additional boost from some serious Hollywood star power. Read all about it in the Independent.

Source: Independent

October  7, 2020

It’s the Masked Singer Reveal: Who Was the Giraffe?

If you missed the October 7th episode of “Masked Singer,” Fox’s wildly popular reality singing competition, we won’t spoil the surprise reveal here. But rest assured, when the Giraffe was finally unmasked, more than one celebrity judge was shocked! Follow all the excitement at USA Today, but be warned, spoilers are included!

Source: USA Today

September  28, 2020

Say Hello to Bailey’s New Baby!

Colorado Springs’ Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has something to celebrate! Bailey, an eight-year-old reticulated giraffe and zoo resident delivered her very first calf today. After a bit of struggle to stand up — due to awkward positioning in the corner of the stall — the infant eventually gained her footing and took her first few steps. As is zoo custom, the baby giraffe won’t be named until she is 30 days old, but you can keep up with Bailey and baby in a zoo live stream until then. Read more about this exciting development from

Source: WFMY News 2

August 27, 2020

Fancy Sharing That Pancake with a Giraffe?

Get ready for Giraffe Hall – the U.K.’s version of Kenya’s Giraffe Manor, where you can enjoy a stay at a luxury hotel and share a meal or a stroll around the grounds with a giraffe! The resort, expected to open next summer, will be in the Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve, Kent’s largest wild animal park and home to over 900 animals. And yes, the local giraffe herd will be free to poke their heads through the dining room windows for a pat and maybe a pancake or two. Learn more about this incredible experience in the Daily Mail.


Giraffe Hall

Source: Daily Mail

July 31, 2020

This “Forest” Might Just be Taller than the Trees

Meet “Forest,” the world’s tallest giraffe, at a soaring 18 feet 8 inches tall. The towering camelopard was crowned tallest by Guinness World Records after using a specially made measuring pole to record his height. These days, Forest lives at the Australia Zoo, run by the famous Irwin family. To learn more about Forest and the Irwins, head to CNN.

Forest the Giraffes with the Irwins

Source: CNN

July 10, 2020

Belfast Zoo Introduces New Giraffe Calf, “Ronan,” to the Public

There’s celebration in the air these days at Northern Ireland’s Belfast Zoo. New baby boy giraffe Ballyronan (or “Ronan” for short) was welcomed into the herd in late May. The name “Ballyronan” was picked in line with zoo tradition, which calls for naming calves after local villages starting with “Bally.” The birth is especially propitious news since Ronan is a Rothschild giraffe, a subspecies of giraffe that is one of the most endangered on the planet. Learn more about Ronan in the Belfast Telegraph.

June 21, 2020

World Giraffe Day Stands Tall

Did you know that giraffes have their own annual day of celebration? June 21 may be the Summer Solstice, but it’s also World Giraffe Day! The holiday is an initiative of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and is celebrated worldwide by zoos, schools, NGOs, governments, institutions, and conservation organizations to raise awareness and support for this spectacular animal. Find out more at NBCLosAngeles.

A tall giraffe

Source: NBCLosAngeles

June 17, 2020

“Giraffe in Love” Sculpture Takes Home Décor to the Next Level

Fancy yourself an avant-garde interior decorator? You may just fall in love with this new chef-d’oeuvre from designer Marcantonio. The Italian visionary teamed up with Qeeboo to create a larger-than-life sculpture featuring two white-washed giraffes holding chandeliers in their mouths. At more than 8 feet high, it’s not quite the size of an actual giraffe — but then, you need to fit it in your house. Learn more about the mansion-ready masterpiece from My Modern Met.

Giraffe in Love, Grand Giraffe

Source: My Modern Met

April 6, 2020

Orphan Giraffe Gets Solo Safari

One lucky giraffe recently got to experience what we all only dream of: a pampered, solo safari. The Kenyan kid, recently released from a nursery he outgrew, was tucked comfortably into a foliage-lined truck with his head peering out over the top. He then enjoyed a 167-mile-long trek to his new home, where he quickly befriended the eight-year-old female giraffe, Nditu. Check out the feel-good pictures of his journey on The Daily Mail.

Orphan giraffe

Source: The Daily Mail

April 5, 2020

Maryville Woman Paints Two-Story Giraffe in Window for Kids to Spot

A few weeks ago, BBC News shared the endearing story of Brits who decided to keep the country’s children busy by creating a fun, country-wide “find the teddy bear” game. This was soon adopted by other countries who placed smiling bruins in their windows to elicit giggles and smiles from children passing by. Now, a Maryville, Tennessee woman has done one better: She’s painted a towering giraffe in her window, stretching two stories tall, to delight kids of all ages. Learn the backstory at The Daily Times.

Window giraffe

Source: The Daily Times