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Fancy a bit of giraffe education? How about a board game? Or maybe you’d just love to connect with a lovable giraffe protagonist. Either way, we have some delightful giraffe fun for you, beloved by children and adults (but mostly children).


“Giraffes Can’t Dance”

by Giles Andreae

We all think of giraffes as ill-proportioned creatures who lack grace. But don’t tell Gerald, the dreaming would-be dancer who pays no mind to his crooked knees and thin legs. With help from a supportive friend, he succeeds where many other giraffes haven’t even tried – he becomes the Giraffe Kingdom’s first (graceful) dancer. Follow Gerald’s story in this beloved children’s book.

Giraffes Can't Dance

Source: Barnes & Noble

“A Giraffe and a Half”

by Shel Silverstein

What is more delightful than a giraffe with glue on his shoe? Or a bee on his knee? And oh, can you just imagine a jittery giraffe using a chair to comb his hair? Preposterous. And silly. And wholly endearing. This Shel Silverstein book of giraffe-ified poetry is sure to elicit a smile and a giggle (or two). Share it with the whole family or relish it yourself before bed. But by all means, read the rollicking rhymes of Shel’s giraffe-ly inspiration.

A Giraffe and A Half

Source: Barnes & Noble

“The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me”

by Roald Dahl

In this delightfully fantastical read, Roald Dahl introduces us to the window-washing trinity of a giraffe, a pelican, and a monkey – an odd trio, to say the least. With their entrepreneurial ambitions high, the three endeavor to find a suitable window-washing project. But can they convince a homeowner to take them on? For that matter, can they concoct a fail-proof system for leaving the windows in their charge shimmering and spotless? Find out in this riveting adventure book.

The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me

Source: Barnes & Noble

“Juma the Giraffe”

by Monica Bond

More than just a simple children’s story, this series of books and educational materials is the perfect way to teach children drawing/coloring, reading, and arts/crafts. Online lesson plans accompany the grounding storybook, which tracks Juma as she goes on countless adventures. There are even giraffe games, a poster, and quizzes to ensure your little pupil is absorbing key giraffe knowledge. Uncover all of the Juma resources online.


by Jennifer Dussling

Written for children ages six to eight, “Giraffes” is a collection of educational fun facts about the long-necked, African ambler. Children will learn all about a giraffe’s height, diet, social behavior, anatomy, and random factoids most people just don’t know. Quiz your little one after reading to see if they’ve absorbed the information or just let them ogle the photos while you fill them in on all things giraffe. See what fun info is in store by ordering “Giraffes” online.

Giraffes Book

Source: Barnes & Noble

Say Hello to George, the Talking Giraffe

Smartphone App

George is a clumsy giraffe that lives in the African Savannah with a lot of other animals. Discover more about his personality and neighbors by talking to him; he’ll answer with a funny voice and react to your touch or what you say. You can also share some tunes with George! Play your favorite song and George will sing along. There are also 20 exciting games that George can play with you. Download Talking George the Giraffe on the Google Play Store.

Learn Your Colors with Giraffes in Scarves

Board Game

This educational board game for kids (ages four to seven) is the perfect way to merge fun with early development learning. Simply roll the dice, pick a card, and build your giraffe in this counting and color-matching game. Managed to wrap your giraffe in the most scarves? You win! Designed for up to six players, this game is a delightful way for kids to master colors, hone memory skills, improve counting, and recognize all kinds of shapes. Plus, it’s just fun to see a bunch of giraffes in scarves. Pick up your giraffe-in-a-box fun at Orchard Toys.

Learn Your Colors with Giraffes in Scarves

Source: Orchard Toys