Giraffe Fun

From inspiring stories to opportunities for conservation, this is your destination for all things giraffe

As you have no doubt noticed, giraffes are our inspiration. Elegant creatures that are both resourceful and captivating, they stand out among their peers and elevate the landscape in which they live. To celebrate this incredible animal, we’ve curated a few tidbits about their life, habits, and fascinating culture, accessible below.

Committed to Conservation


We’re also committed to preserving giraffe subspecies, protecting endangered habitats, and restoring nearly-extinct wildlife across the globe. To that end, we donate a portion of Grand Giraffe profits to various conservation organizations. Some of these are focused specifically on protecting giraffe subspecies, while others have a broader mission to support the health and wellness of natural environments all across the globe.

To learn more about our conservation efforts, visit the Giraffe Conservation page.