Christopher Kimball founded Milk Street to offer a lively new home cooking that is neither ethnic nor complicated. Milk Street travels the world and borrows the best ingredients, techniques, and recipes to offer home cooks a fresher, smarter, and bolder way of cooking… with bigger flavors. At its heart, this cooking is both simple and smart from all-new approaches to American dishes such as Scrambled Eggs (EVOO instead of butter makes ultra-fluffy eggs) to a simple method for cooking perfect chicken, a beef stew that requires no searing, and a better way to bake a brownie. Milk Street is about cooking with bold, big flavored ingredients, from harissa, chilies, and big-flavor vinegars to gochujang, chili garlic sauce, and pomegranate molasses.

Milk Street is also about the new rules of cooking that will make your cooking easier, faster, better, and bolder.

Use water, not stock, for cleaner, better flavors in soups and stews.
• Stop sautéing meats for stew; let the oven do the work!
• Learn to use oil, not butter, to make moister, more tender cakes.
• Rethink backyard grilling: stop soaking wood chips and use lower heat!
• Learn to use whole spices, not ground, for bigger, bolder flavors.
• Treat herbs as greens, not garnish.
• Get bigger flavor from supermarket tomatoes (cook with oil and water)
• Sear on one side only for perfectly cooked, moist seafood.

Join us at Milk Street and let us help you to change the way you cook.  Milk Street offers complete digital access to every magazine recipe, every cookbook recipe, and every television show recipe ever published plus a Milk Street magazine print subscription.


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