About Grand Giraffe

Your destination for great offers from great brands

Grand Giraffe is a one-of-a-kind deal site, focused on bringing you great offers from many reputable brands. In fact, we have relationships with thousands of retail and service companies, enabling us to deliver great offers on brands you know and love – and on other great brands that may be new to you. These are showcased simply and elegantly on our website, making it easy to complete discount purchases with just a few clicks.

Why are we called Grand Giraffe? A giraffe is a truly remarkable creature – while elegant and humble, it nonetheless towers above its peers. That’s what we endeavor to be: a towering figure in the online offers space. We focus on quality and integrity – providing offers from companies we believe you can count on to deliver your orders at good value. We remain committed to our mission, providing offers from great brands we have carefully vetted.

We also just love giraffes – and other creatures – so we have committed to supporting animal and environmental conservation efforts around the globe. Learn more about those efforts here.


How do I find deals on Grand Giraffe?

Throughout our website, you will notice several different ways to find offers. Here’s how we organized our site to make the process easy:

Search for Brands

For brand-specific savings, you can search by brand name or visit our Brands page. Each brand has its own profile and offers page, giving you detailed information about the company’s mission, products, and style. (If you see a brand page without offers, don’t worry – you’ll likely see new offers added soon.)

Browse by Category

You can also search by category by visting our Categories page; we have many available, allowing you to explore only those product areas of interest to you.

Review our Featured Offers

Finally, we have highlighted special offers throughout the site, labeled simply as “Featured Offers.” You’ll find these prominently placed on the homepage, on category pages, and on our Featured Offers page; we put these offers in the spotlight because of the unique value they provide.

Sign Up and Save

For offer alerts, be sure to sign up for an account. Once registered, you’ll regularly receive offers from exceptional brands.


Where can I learn more?

If you have a question about Grand Giraffe, please send us a note on our Contact page. We will respond to your questions as soon as possible.