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8 Home Office Design Ideas to Reinvigorate the WFH Life

February 3, 2021
Your home office can be as dynamic as you are – with just a few small updates. (Source: Shutterstock / Dean Drobot)

Your home office can be as dynamic as you are – with just a few small updates. (Source: Shutterstock / Dean Drobot)

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Well, the work-from-home life (WFH) continues – for the foreseeable future. And that means those makeshift home offices are likely getting a little stale. Need a refresh? We’ve got home office design ideas inspired by a wealth of cultures and artistic styles. Mix and match to make your own dynamic space – one you will actually enjoy spending time in.

1: Hang a few strings of Chinese lanterns.

No, these diffused light globes aren’t just for the dorm room. You can easily string a few above an office alcove or just along the ceiling for color, warmth, and character. We love this home office idea, largely because lanterns come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Added perk: They add ambient lighting for those endless Zoom calls, making your video a little brighter.

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2: Try a subtly designed, minimalist desk.

While there are a near-infinite number of home office design ideas for desks, we love the versatility and subtle personality of Scandinavian furniture. It’s largely minimalist but makes ample use of wood and metal while remaining masterfully functional. In our minds, it’s the perfect way to give you the desk space and storage you need for that WFH life without overshadowing your home’s already-established style.

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Desks don't have to be chunky. Sometimes, minimal is best. (Source: Shutterstock /

Desks don’t have to be chunky. Sometimes, minimal is best. (Source: Shutterstock /

3: Set up room dividers with Japanese prints.

For many of us, a home office is not afforded its own room; it’s simply a desk and chair tucked away in the corner of the living room or on the far side of the bedroom. The problem is, there’s no separation between live and work spaces. To help set some boundaries (which will certainly help you focus), we recommend purchasing a collapsible room divider. But make it fun – get one with an authentic Japanese print or a fun nature design. Keep in mind that this will likely double as a Zoom meeting background, so make sure the design is appropriate for work calls.

4: Hang paintings or photos of foreign city scenes.

Sometimes work can be exhausting, requiring a brief mental “vacation.” To help with your escape, consider this dynamite home office design idea: A mini gallery of painting or photos of places you love around your workspace. By having these images in and around your desk, you’ll remind yourself that adventure days are coming – giving you something to look forward to. (They also serve as fun conversation starters during meetings.)

Want to capture the beauty of the world while supporting independent artists? Take a gander at Saatchi Art, where styles range from whimsical impressionist to classic realist.

Where do you want to go on your next daydreaming adventure? (Source: Shutterstock / Andrew Angelov)

Where do you want to go on your next daydreaming adventure? (Source: Shutterstock / Andrew Angelov)

5: Use a see-through bookcase as a divider.

In most rooms, bookcases land smack up against the wall. They don’t have to, though. In fact, there are a wealth of free-standing and A-frame-style bookcases that create a clear boundary between work and home while maintaining an open-air feel with shelves accessible from both sides. You could even throw some heady books on the shelf to impress your coworkers.

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6: Get some greenery.

Furniture and art are often used to great effect in home office spaces, but we often don’t make the most of plants. Not only do they provide color and texture, but liven up areas otherwise overwrought with furniture and design accents. (In our case, greening things up with a mixture of floor, shelf, and hanging plants was the best home office design idea we’ve had.)

Green it up a bit, eh? (Source: Shutterstock / Africa Studio)

Green it up a bit, eh? (Source: Shutterstock / Africa Studio)

7: Add a desk organizer.

If you have an ugly mess of pens, papers, and assorted oddities scattered all over your desk, this home office design idea is for you. Not only is your persistent chaos an impediment to efficient work, but it’s a constant distraction. That’s why a desk organizer is always a good idea – plus, it’s a great opportunity to add to your home office milieu. Outfitted in midcentury motif? Get an organizer composed of dull metal. Sleeked out in glass? Get a dark wood number. Whatever you style, get an organizer than contrasts with your desk – it will stand out handsomely while reminding you to keep things tidy.

The Container Store is a good place to start; they have an unbelievable selection of organizers with a wide variety of styles. Plus, they regularly run 20% off deals!

8: Love your to-do lists? Get a glass marker board.

For most of us, “marker board” conjures images of clinically white expanses at the front of classrooms – not really a look most want at home. There are useful and stylish alternatives, however. Magnetic and glass varieties in both white and black allow you to match the board to your existing home office design, while some even come pre-printed with week or month calendar blocks. If you can, match the trim to your motif – metallic for midcentury/modern and wood for classic.

Need more home office design ideas? We’ve got a slew of top brands and products waiting for you on our Home & Décor category page.