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6 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts (That You Can Buy & Give as Late as Feb 14)

February 9, 2021
two worried people concerned about getting gifts for valentine's day

Don’t worry, there’s still time to find a great Valentine’s Day gift. (Source: Shutterstock / Roman Samborskyi)

Note: This post contains mentions of third-party brands whose offers are available on Grand Giraffe. We may receive a commission for purchases made from these brands.

Still don’t have a Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone? Take heart; we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for something to wow that timeless soulmate or new romantic interest, we’ve got 6 swoon-worthy last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts that are sure to win their heart. And importantly, since these gifts are digital or subscription-based, you can have them in-hand on Valentine’s Day.

1: A Bespoke Post subscription box full of…

If you have a general idea of what your loved one likes (maybe “cars,” for example), but you aren’t quite sure where to go from there, let Bespoke Post do the work for you. Whether your SO digs mixology, home and décor, camping, travel, kitchen, or a handful of other interests, these guys will send a box of carefully curated themed goodies for your beloved every month. Simply fill out the survey and let the magic unfold. It’s not only unique among last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts, it’s really cool, too. Sign up now and get their exclusive Grand Giraffe offer – 10% off a subscription and a FREE mystery box, too!

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2: A handful of video game keys from Kinguin

We’ve got something for that gamer in your life. (Source: shutterstock / fizkes)

We’ve got something for that gamer in your life. (Source: shutterstock / fizkes)

If the apple of your eye is rarely AFK (that’s “away from the keyboard” in gamer speak) then this gift will be perfect for him or her. Right now, digital gaming chieftain Kinguin has offers on downloadable digital game keys for some of the most popular adventures out there. That’s right, your guy or gal can explore the “Isle of the Blessed” to their heart’s content or hunt the depths of the Owari province for the Yokai in “Nioh 2” — each for under $60 — and that’s just for starters. Check them all out.

3: Up to 30 days of fun with the ICON Park Play Pass

If sun-soaked adventures at Florida’s Madame Tussauds, Sea Life, Starflyer, or Arcade City gets your crush’s heart beating, this is one of those last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts they won’t ever forget. Grab an ICON Park Play Pass and get over 45% savings on admission to eight world-renowned attractions, discounts on dining and shopping, and line-bypass privileges. The Play Pass is good for 30 days from your date of purchase, so there’s plenty of time to experience everything – including the not-to-miss 400-foot-tall Wheel. And rest assured, COVID restrictions are in place throughout the park (including on the Wheel) that align with current local health regulations. Whew.

4: A monthly subscription to Irreverent Wine – delivered in pouches

You can’t go wrong with wine. (Source: Shutterstock / Carolos Horta)

You can’t go wrong with wine. (Source: Shutterstock / Carolos Horta)

You heard that right. Pouches. The tasty, sustainably-sourced Oregon and Washington vintages on offer are packaged in eco-friendly, 1.5L pouches (a two-bottle equivalent) that last up to four weeks once opened. The packaging doesn’t impact the quality or taste of the wine, so you can enjoy great quality vino without having to drink the whole bottle at once, or risk it going off. Plus, Irreverent Wine is offering a two-pouch monthly subscription (one red, one white) for $65 per month. That’s about $16 per bottle for wine that tastes at least twice as good.

5: For the arts and crafts-y: a membership to Creativebug Inc.

Last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for creative types can be a challenge. These folks are usually good at a lot of stuff and have strong opinions about what they like. That’s where Creativebug comes in. Members enjoy unlimited access to thousands of online arts and craft video classes from experts in their fields. There are workshops and technique lessons on everything from sewing, painting, cooking, and ceramic glazing to engraving, woodworking, and more. For the expert to the beginner, Creativebug will get those creative juices flowing. Right now, get a 3-month subscription for $1. Sorted.


6: A travel treat from

Woman excited when she sees gift of plane tickets

What’s better than a surprise getaway? (Source: Shutterstock / ViDI Studio)

Things on the travel front aren’t quite back to normal yet, but we’re moving in the right direction. So why not make use of the amazing travel deals now available and take your honey on a well-deserved getaway? is offering a boatload of inspiring offers, like up to 50% off hotels, or even 50% off flights to Asia! Just watch their face light up when you present them with that extra-special vaca.

Need more inspiration for last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts? Check out Grand Giraffe’s Gifts category page for a range of options and ideas.